Users Living with Disabilities

Many services within the TRYP Rides Platform are designed to improve the ability of individuals living with disabilities to move independently. TRYP Rides is specifically developing these services to include the following:

  • Payment Options:

    All TRYP Rides users pay for services on the TRYP Rides Platform through cashless options in an effort to simplify all transactions.

  • Transportation When Needed:

    Requesting ride services with TRYP Rides is simple, easy, and intuitive. There is no need to plan ahead, and requesting a ride only requires that the app is accessible to the user and that a valid payment method is connected to the relevant account.

  • Transparent Fees:

    The base fees associated with TRYP Rides’ services are made available to all users prior to entering into any ride agreement. In this way, all users can understand the cost of TRYP Rides’ services in an upfront and transparent manner.

  • Anti-discrimination:

    All connections made between Riders and Drivers within the TRYP Rides Platform are automatic and prevent any unlawful discrimination by either party involved. TRYP Rides requires that Drivers act in compliance with our policies regarding Riders that require service animals or are blind or low-vision.

  • Location and ETA Sharing:

    All details including the estimated time of arrival (ETA), current location, and other information regarding the Rider and the services can be shared at any time between Users from within the TRYP Rides Platform. This is meant to make the communication between individuals using the TRYP Rides Platform more streamlined and accessible.

  • Driver notifications within the TRYP Rides Platform:

    In-app notifications, as well as notifications made from within the TRYP Rides Platform, will be made available to all Drivers requiring they consent to accept the transportation of service animals.

  • Quarterly Updates:

    TRYP Rides provides quarterly updates to all of our partners and Drivers to keep them notified of all information regarding our policies that are detailed in this Accessibility page.

  • Reporting Denial of Service:

    All situations in which the denial of Service Animal transportation take place can be communicated to our support team and will be investigated in a timely and efficient manner. You can use our Help Center to file a claim regarding this issue.

We acknowledge that the reliance on service animals is frequent, varied, and effective. TRYP Rides is determined to ensure that all Users comply with our policies regarding service animal transportation.

The TRYP Rides Platform and our services are designed to be compatible with Riders who may experience or live with mobility disabilities. This is demonstrated through our inclusion of wheelchair accessible vehicles:

  • Always Accessible

    TRYP Rides Riders can specifically request to be connected with Drivers who have vehicles equipped with ramps or lifts.


Accessibility Compliance Notification

  • TRYP Rides Drivers are required to understand and comply with all laws governing the transportation of Riders with disabilities, including state, federal, and local laws and/or regulations. Any violation of these laws or regulations will be seen as a violation of the TRYP Rides Terms of Use and will be investigated as such.
  • TRYP Rides reserves the right to deactivate or disable any accounts that have been reported to discriminate against any parties described in our Accessibility document or who have violated any of these terms or the terms laid out in other agreements listed on the TRYP Rides Platform.
  • TRYP Rides requires that our drivers provide accommodations for any Rider using any transportable form of mobility assistance including walkers, canes, or folding wheelchairs.

Service Animal Policy

TRYP Rides Drivers are required to abide by state and federal laws governing the provision of transportation of service animals. TRYP Rides prohibits any discrimination whatsoever regarding service animal transportation. TRYP Rides reserves the right to deactivate or disable any accounts that have been reported as violating or potentially violating these policies and subsequent terms, pending an investigation on our behalf or the behalf of presiding governmental bodies within your jurisdiction.


Please reach out to us with any questions, concerns, or comments regarding the TRYP Rides Platform, our services, your User account, or anything to do with our Accessibility policies via our Help Center.