How to make sure every ride goes smoothly

We compiled a brief list of the top safety tips from our experts for your reference. We want you to stay safe and following these basic guidelines is the easiest way to do so.

Keep an eye out for everyone else out there…

It’s easy to forget about pedestrians and bikers when you’re focused on providing great service for your Riders. Please be careful during pick-ups and drop-offs, while driving at night, and whenever you find yourself in unfamiliar territory.

Drop your passengers off correctly…

Let your Riders out in zones that are safe, legal, and out of the way of moving traffic. Make sure to understand the restrictions and regulations that correspond to your local drop-off areas.

Recommend your passengers sit in the back…

Whenever possible, recommend that your Riders sit in the backseat(s). This will create a more professional environment and also enable your passengers to choose either side of the car to exit from during a drop-off.

Seat belts are necessary. Let your Riders know…

Make it a habit to ask your Riders to buckle up before a Trip Ride. This ensures that they are safe and you are following the law.

Keep calm and contact Trip Rides

If you ever experience any situation in which you or the rider are uncomfortable for any reason, please don’t hesitate to contact Trip Rides immediately. Keep calm, focus on the road, and don’t be afraid to pull over and end the ride if you feel that the safety or comfort of anyone has been compromised. If there is an emergency, please contact 911.

Tell us about your experience!

We’re eager to learn about your Trip Rides experience. We really do wanna hear from you. You have the opportunity to improve our community by giving feedback after every ride. We only match you with riders that meet our quality standards. That’s why we ask you to provide a rating for each rider you pick up. We also offer 24/7 in-app support in case you encounter an uncomfortable or inappropriate situation with another Trip Rides user. Don’t hesitate to reach out whenever necessary!