Driver Refund Policy

LAST UPDATED DATE: December 19, 2019


Tryp Rides will assist you in establishing your own merchant account that will process all payments due to you. As a Driver, you will receive 100% of the Base Fare as determined by the current Compensation Plan and any tips provided by Riders to you for the Services you provide. You acknowledge and agree that such amounts shall not include any interest and will be net of any amounts that we are required to withhold by law. Tryp Rides works hard to ensure that legitimate Riders are matched with legitimate Drivers. Fraud and abuse do take place by both Drivers and Riders and Tryp Rides will attempt to investigate any claim of fraud or abuse. Although Tryp Rides takes steps, such as pre-authorization and pre-checking the validity of a Rider’s credit card, there is no guarantee that a Rider’s payment will be successfully made and therefore you, not Tryp Rides, bear the risk of not receiving the payment. Where a Driver has given a successful ride to a Rider, but the Rider’s payment is not made for some reason, Tryp Rides will immediately investigate. If Tryp Rides determines that its assessment and screening were insufficient to protect the Driver, then Tryp Rides will cover the payment to the Driver. Likewise, if a Rider makes a payment to a Driver, but the Rider did not receive the Services as intended, Tryp Rides will investigate and has the discretion to refund the fare, or credit the account of Riders, for a ride. If we refund the fare, or credit a Rider account, for a ride you provided, you will not be paid for the portion of the ride that was refunded or credited. If you have already received payment for a refunded/credited ride, Tryp Rides has the right to seek immediate repayment from you. Tryp Rides third-party payment processor maintains statistics on chargebacks. Should the Driver exceed reasonable or acceptable chargeback ratios, your merchant account could be suspended or terminated by the merchant account processor.

In exchange for permitting you to offer your Services through the Tryp Rides Platform and marketplace as a Driver, you agree to pay Tryp Rides (and permit Tryp Rides to retain) a fee based on each transaction in which you provide Services (the “Booking Fee”). The amount of the applicable Booking Fee will be communicated to you in a Booking Fee schedule. Tryp Rides reserves the right to change the Booking Fee at any time at Tryp Rides discretion based upon local market factors. Changing the Booking Fee in the Booking Fee schedule will constitute notice in the event of such change. Continued use of the Tryp Rides Platform after any such change in the Booking Fee calculation shall constitute your consent to such change.

Certain trips and fare destination or pickup require the payment of fees and/or tolls (i.e. airport fees). To the extent that these fees/tolls are paid by the Rider, the Driver acknowledges that these receipts will be retained by Tryp Rides for payment to the appropriate legal authority.


During the enrollment process, you have chosen a Driver payment plan, as outlined below. Tryp Rides reserves the right to change and/or amend the Driver plans without notice, at its sole discretion.

The initial payment for the Application/Onboarding Setup Fee (Driver Account Setup Fee) includes a background check, merchant account setup and other items used to determine your eligibility to be a Driver using the Tryp Rides platform. After acceptance by Tryp Rides, which is not guaranteed, you will be paying a monthly subscription fee in accordance with the Driver plan you choose, for the right to use the Tryp Rides platform.

Your acceptance of this Agreement authorizes Tryp Rides to take payment from the method you have chosen for all Applications and renewable monthly Subscription Fees. Subscription fees are monthly and automatic. Should you wish to terminate your usage of the Tryp Rides platform please submit your request at

To start the process of becoming a driver with Tryp Rides a one-time $99.99 Application/Onboarding Setup Fee, background check (Driver Account Setup Fee) is required. In the event you are not accepted as a Driver for any reason Tryp Rides shall refund the $99.99 Application/Onboarding Setup Fee, background check (Driver Account Setup Fee).